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DL0150 - Sports - AED Package
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Sports - Defibrillator Package

£1,475.00 (excluding VAT)
£1,770.00 (including VAT)

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  • Product Description

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    Created especially for use in a sports setting, this fantastic package includes:

    •           1 x Zoll AED Plus – Fully Automatic

    •           1 x Stainless Steel Cabinet with Keypad Lock

    •           1 x Carry case

    •           1 x CPR D-padz electrodes

    •           10 x Batteries

    •           1 x AED Location Sign

    •           1 x AED Location Sign Supporting Poster

    •           1 x Zoll first responder kit


    Zoll AED Plus – Fully Automatic

    This AED has been specifically designed for use by those with minimal or no AED training. It includes real time feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions as they are administered by the rescuer using the unique Real CPR Help® technology, clinically proven to significantly improve the survival rates from cardiac arrest**.

    As a Fully Automatic AED, Zoll AED Plus will read a casualty’s heart rhythm; if they have a shockable rhythm the AED will instruct the rescuer to stand back and will proceed to automatically shock the casualty if required. With easy-to-understand voice prompts and illustrations and the ability to easily switch to paediatric settings with paediatric electrodes, this AED is ideal for this setting.

    What’s more, this AED also features:

    •           Electrode pad - designed to be one single piece instead of two pads, making placement quick and easy, providing more time to focus on the rescue

    •           Zoll first responder kit - contains everything required to help a rescuer to administer the required shocks as soon as possible

    •           The specially designed lid for the AED Plus can be placed under the shoulders of the patient to help maintain an open airway

    •           Automated self testing every 24 hours to ensure a constant state of readiness

    •           7 year warranty (five years as standard, two years free upon registration of device)

    •           Powered by 10 x CR123A lithium Duracell or Sanyo batteries with redundant battery circuitry so if one fails the other will kick in


    Stainless Steel Cabinet with Keypad Lock

    This cabinet has been specifically designed to keep an AED safe and noticeable in an outdoor setting. With an IP rating of 66, it displays excellent durability against dust and water damage thanks to its bright yellow powder coating which protects it against corrosion! Ideal for any sporting venue or facility, this cabinet also includes:

    •           Internal LED magnetic light that activates in darkness on a motion sensor and can be used as a removable torch

    •           Thermostatically controlled heater ensures the device is housed at an optimum temperature

    •           Salt spray tested for 10,000 hours, ideal for coastal locations

    •           Viewing window to easily check status of AED

    •           Internal hook accommodates any defibrillator without carry case

    •           Cabinet dimensions are: 400 x 400 x 200 mm


    AED Location Sign and Supporting Poster

    Including a sign to show the location of an AED and a supporting poster which provides basic information on how to use an AED, with the aim to give the rescuer greater confidence that they will be able to use it effectively.