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Practi-Oral Med Pack. (1 box each of 20 Unit Dose Oral Meds) -
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Practi-Oral Med Pack. (1 box each of 20 Unit Dose Oral Meds)

£195.00 (excluding VAT)
£234.00 (including VAT)

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    A minimum order spend of £40 across the Wallcur Practi-range is required

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    BUY IN BULK AND SAVE! Wallcur’s Practi-Oral Med Pack™ for clinical training has gained national acceptance as one of the safest and quality approved simulation aids available for standard oral medication administration practice.

    Valued at $299.00, the Practi-Oral Med Pack contains 20 boxes (each box contains 48 Practi-Meds) of different simulated Practi-Meds. A variety of a capsules and tablets in various shapes and sizes come in blister packs to closely match institutions nationwide.

    Practi-Oral Med Pack Contains (1 Box Each):

    •  Practi-Atorvastatin
    •  Practi-Benazepril
    •  Practi-Bupropion
    •  Practi-Cephalexin
    • Practi-Diazepam
    • Practi-Digoxin
    • Practi-Diltiazem
    • Practi-Dipyridamole
    • Practi-Docusate
    • Practi-Furosemide
    • Practi-Lorazepam
    • Practi-Metformin
    • Practi-Multivitamin
    • Practi-Nabumetone
    • Practi-Omeprazole
    • Practi-Oxycodone & Acetaminophen
    • Practi-Potassium Chloride
    • Practi-Prednisone
    • Practi-Temazepam
    • Practi-Warfarin

    Hands-on Practice with Practi-Meds Teach the Essential Skill

    Reading drug labels

    Calculating normal dosages and determining drug actions and side effects

    Opening meds from a variety of unit dosage packaging

    Breaking scored tablets

    Asepsis while preparing, pouring and administration

    Practising the Six Rights of administration


    Qty: 20 Boxes.

    *Practi-Oral Med contents are subject to change, please contact us for questions about the current pill shape and colour