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ME0067 - MAT Responder Tourniquet - Orange
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MAT Responder Tourniquet - Orange

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£25.95 (excluding VAT)

  Product Description

Please note that the MAT Responder Tourniquet is designed for single-use only. If used for training purposes, we advise that the product could become damaged over time.

The MAT Responder has an open C-Cuff design for easy application to both arms and legs, and a buckle and strap design to provide fast, trapped limb application. Its turn key system provides easy and safe tightening of the tourniquet in small, controlled increments, making it adjustable for various body types and sizes, and the Turn Key Mechanical Advantage Mechanism ensures no slipping or loosening of the tourniquet. It has a Release Button, along with the buckle, for fast loosening, releasing, and re-application of the tourniquet. What’s more, the EMS Safety Orange Colour provides quick visual confirmation that a tourniquet is in place.


7 reasons to choose the MAT Responder:

•  100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds (as measured by Doppler, BP and Oximeter sensors).

•  Safe compression. Can be applied in small, controlled increments and easily released.

•  One hand application. Easy to use and learn for all levels of medical and non-medical personnel.

•  Multi-purpose application to arms, legs and trapped limbs.

•  Secure. Mechanical advantage tourniquet system ensures that MAT Responder does not slip or loosen.

•  Light weight, compact design.

•  Durable. Operates in extreme conditions, such as mud, water and sand submersion, extreme cold, ice-encrustment and hard surface (concrete) impact.


The MAT Responder clinical advantage:

•  In three independent studies by the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps that compared tourniquet products and methodologies, MAT® performance was ranked first for stopping blood flow.

•  Awards for MAT include: IDSA’s Gold Award for Best Medical Product Design of 2006, silver for Design of a Decade in 2010, and finalist for the 2007 INDEX Award for best medical product in the world.




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