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ME0153 - FREC Kit in Trauma Bag
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FREC Kit in Trauma Bag

£345.00 (excluding VAT)
£414.00 (including VAT)

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    FREC Kit in Trauma Bag

    Please Note: This kit is made to order off site, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.



    Trauma Bag - Large (h)57cm x (w)41cm x (d)22cm 1
    Disposable Vinyl BVM resuscitator - Adult 2
    Guedel Airway 00  2
    Guedel Airway 0  2
    Guedel Airway 1  2
    Guedel Airway 2  2
    Guedel Airway 3  2
    Guedel Airway 4  2
    Nasopharyngeal Airway 6.0mm 2
    Nasopharyngeal Airway 7.0mm (Orange) 2
    Nasopharyngeal Airway 8.0mm (RED) 2
    Nasopharyngeal Airway 9mm 2
    Dependaplast washproof plasters wallet assorted pack of 20 3
    N0 1 ambulance dressing sterile 10cm x 12cm 2
    N0 2 ambulance dressing sterile 15cm x 20cm 2
    N0 3 ambulance dressing sterile 20cm x 28cm 2
    N0 4 ambulance dressing sterile 32cm x 20cm 2
    Calico triangular bandage 90 x 127cm 2
    Foil blanket adult size 2
    Eye wash 250ml 1
    Eye pad dressing no.16 with bandage sterile flow wrapped 2
    Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves Medium Single Pair 4
    Reliwipe moist cleansing wipes pack of 10 3
    Rebreath mouth to mouth with filter valve 2
    TraumaFix - Including Pressure Pad 10cm x 18cm 3
    Universal sheers small stainless steel 6" 1
    Medium HSE dressing 12cm x 12cm sterile unboxed 3
    Large HSE dressing 18cm x 18cm sterile unboxed 2
    Transparent perforated plastic tape 2.5cm x 9.14m 1
    Burnsoothe/Reliburn burn relief dressing 10cm x 10cm - Box of 10 2
    Reliance No 7 finger dressing 2
    Reliform conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m 2
    Nebulising Oxygen Mask Disposable Adult  1
    Celox Gauze 5ft Z-Fold 1
    Celox Rapid Gauze 5ft Z-Fold 1
    Nasal Cannula for Oxygen Therapy - Adult with 2.1 Meter Tubing 1
    TraumaFix - Including Pressure Pad 15cm x 18cm 2