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FS0202 - Critical Injury Pack BS8599-1:2019
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Critical Injury Pack BS8599-1:2019

£120.00 (excluding VAT)
£144.00 (including VAT)

  • Product Description

    The Critical Injury Pack is designed to provide immediate, life-saving first aid to someone who has sustained a severe bleeding injury in the workplace.

    UK Ambulance Services are targeted on reaching a patient within 8 minutes, however, when dealing with catastrophic bleeding every second counts and can mean the difference between life and death. There is nothing in the standard Small/Medium/Large First Aid Kits that be used to stem a catastrophic bleed.

    Recent Health & Safety Executive guidance now recommends employers provide Haemostatic Dressings and Tourniquets in their first aid provisions for employees working with an identified risk of obtaining severe bleeding injuries.

    The Critical Injury Pack is designed to be issued one per person (obviously only to employees exposed to the risk).  The injured person then has their pack used on them, rather than a first aider using their pack on someone else.

    The Critical Injury Pack is also intended for Drop/Throw distribution in the event of a mass casualty incident; such as a terrorist attack.