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Guidance on Choking – it has not changed!
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Guidance on Choking – it has not changed!

We have had several enquiries relating to a recent communication regarding choking, which suggested that there has been a change in guidelines for when to call 999/112 when dealing with choking.

We can confirm that there have been no changes in guidance from the Resuscitation Council (UK) or the voluntary aid societies. Changes should be made on an evidence based review process and there is little evidence (and no new evidence) regarding the best time to call 999/112 for a choking casualty.

The evidence that is available does suggest that first aid treatment for a choking casualty is very effective, and we know that about 50% of casualties require more than one method of treatment to relieve the obstruction (e.g. both back blows and abdominal thrusts).

The view of the Qualsafe clinical team and Clinical Review Panel is that the current advice in the Qualsafe books is appropriate.  The Resuscitation Council (UK) do not give exact advice on when to call 999.