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Training Manikins -
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Training Manikins

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  • £92.50 AED Little Anne Chest Skin
    The AED Little Anne Chest Skin is for use with the AED Little Anne Manikin. The skin has hidden electronic transmitters, so when the special Laerdal Philips AED Trainer 2 Link System Pads are correctly placed on the...

  • £790.00 Ambu® Airway Management Trainer
    The Ambu Airway Management Trainer is for teaching Intubation techniques with all known tubes and supraglottic airway devices Anatomic correct design Accurate simulation of mouth, nostrils, teeth, tongue, pharynx,...

  • £53.00 Arm Model
    Did you know that the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) First Aid Guidelines 2015 state that when direct pressure cannot control severe bleeding, haemostatic dressings and tourniquets are to be used? This fantastic arm...

  • £2.25 Choose Options Azo Wipes (100 Wipe Drum)
    Order a 12 Pack of Azo Wipes for just £25.20! A 100 Wipe Drum of 70% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) impregnated wipes providing fast bactericidal action against MRSA, E.coli and a wide range of other micro-organisms. ...

  • £55.00 Bariatric Fred Replacement Outer Foam
    Outer foam for Bariatric Fred Manikin. Please note: This does not include Plastic sternum plate or sternum foam.

  • £36.50 Bariatric Fred Sternum Foam Replacement
    1x Sternum foam replacement suitable for use with the Bariatric Fred CPR Manikin.

  • £340.00 Bariatric Fred Sternum Plate Replacement (Plastic)
    1x Plastic Sternum Plate suitable for use with the Bariatric Fred CPR Manikin.

  • £1.35 Brayden CPR Manikin Lung Bag
    Replacement lung bag for use with the Brayden range of CPR manikins.

  • Brayden CPR Manikin – Advanced Model with Red Illumination
    Helping Learners to visualise the effects of CPR! Winner of the prestigious IF Design Award 2016, the Brayden CPR manikin uses 3 interrelated sets of LED Lights to give real time feedback of CPR performance &...

  • £166.00 Brayden CPR Manikin – Basic Model
    Winner of the prestigious IF Design Award 2016, the non-illuminating Brayden CPR Manikin is perfect for those who are seeking uniformity across their Brayden manikins, but do not need illumination as an option in all of...

  • £114.95 £104.95 Choking Rescue Trainer Vest
    At last! A choking treatment trainer that is affordable, light weight, transportable and fun! This choking rescue trainer can be worn as a vest or placed on a resus manikin to practise both back blows and abdominal...

  • £4.50 Clinell Universal Wipes (Tub of 100)
    Clinell Universal Wipes are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting hands, surfaces and equipment. Proven to kill 99.999% of germs, they are one of the most effective sanitising wipes on the market.Tested to - European Standard...

  • £10.99 CPR Face Shield - Filter Type - (Pack of 50)
    A single sealed packet containing one 'Rebreath' mouth to mouth shield with filter paper. Fits over the face and neck of the patient with a filter section around the mouth area. Allows personal protection during a...

  • £22.40 CPR Face Shield - Valve Type - (Pack of 50)
    A single use mouth-to-mouth face-shield barrier with a plastic one-way valve. Unlike some resuscitation face-shields on the market, this one does not significantly increase the resistance to airflow. Nigel's tip: If you...

  • £0.99 CPR Face Shield Key Ring
    Only 99p each or 100+ for 89p each A velcro-sealed pouch key ring containing a filter type CPR face shield...

  • £4.89 CPR Pocket Mask
    A reusable pocket mask for protection by the resuscitator when performing mouth to mouth resuscitation. Comes in a durable plastic box with strap...

  • £49.95 Decorated Laerdal Little Anne Face Skins (6 pack)
    Removable decorated face mask that fits the Little Anne Manikin. The face skins are realistic with painted on eyebrows and eyelashes, and have soft nostrils to facilitate correct nose pinch.  Also suitable for...

  • £1,492.00 Laerdal Airway Management Trainer
    The Laerdal Airway Management Trainer’s lifelike upper torso and head simulates real-world complications when practicing a variety of intubation, ventilation, and suction techniques. Realistic representation of human...

  • £43.00 Laerdal Baby Anne 4 Pack Bag
    Bag to hold Laerdal Baby Anne 4 Pack.

  • £15.95 Laerdal Baby Anne Airways (24pk)
    Designed for maximum instructor convenience and student safety.   Laerdal recommend that disposable airways are used one airway per student per class for student safety.

  • £41.95 Laerdal Baby Anne Face Connectors (Pack of 50)
    A pack of 50 Laerdal Baby Anne Manikin face connectors.

  • £5.00 Laerdal Baby Anne Foreign Object (10pk)
    For practising release of foreign body obstruction.

  • £9.00 Laerdal Baby Anne Manikin Rib Plate with Pants
    Replacement Rib Plate for the Laerdal Baby Anne Manikin.   Rib plate comes with pink and white Jumper.

  • £37.00 Laerdal Baby Anne Rib Plate (Pack of 10)
    Pack of 10 Rib Plates suitable for use on the Laerdal Baby Anne Manikin.

  • £31.95 Laerdal Baby Chest Skin
      Replacement baby chest skin suitable for use with: Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR  Laerdal Resusci Baby with Skill...

  • £66.95 Laerdal Face Shields - 6 Rolls of 36
    Personal protection face shield for use on training manikins. Ideal as a substitute for using alcohol wipes and gives the student practise in using a face shield when performing CPR. 36 shields per roll giving a total of...

  • £23.00 Choose Options Laerdal Little Anne Airways
    BULK BUY AND SAVE:  Please select pack size using the options above. 12 pack= £23.00 - only £1.92 each 24 pack= £43.50- only £1.81 each 96 pack= £154.00 - only £1.60 each Complete...

  • £37.75 Laerdal Little Anne Complete Head Assembly - Light Skin
    Complete replacement Head Assembly for use with the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin. Comes complete with replacement jaw...

  • £12.00 Laerdal Little Anne Compression Spring
    A compression spring suitable for use with the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin.

  • £26.50 Laerdal Little Anne Head Assembly - Dark Skin
    Dark Skin Head Assembly for use with the Laerdal Little Anne Manikin...